Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 9

Hi Everyone!
Well just like that it’s been two months! It feels like I was in the CCM forever ago, and I’ts weird to thing only two more weeks until my first transfer is done!
To answer your questions, Our grocery store is a small store that we live above, but every Thursday after zone and district meetings we travel into the city to buy meat and other  things that if we bought at the store at our house we would probably die! Yes mom I’m taking my vitamins and the mission office is only about 45 minutes from my area. I think my zone is called Villa Mella or something like that… and its one state above the state that Santo Domingo and the CCM are in. I´m not really close to the ocean and the mosquito’s aren´t too bad here, but I do have a few bites!  Me and my companion get along because it’s literally impossible for us to fight.  It’s kinda hard to insult someone when you don’t know any insults in their language, ya know_ anyways the language is coming along slow but sure. I am to the point where if I need to say something, 90% of the time I can get my idea across to the people, so this coming week I will be working a lot on understanding people which is a daily struggle.
We have a family who has a baptism date and they came to stake conference this week! That meant they had to save enough money for a concho (taxi) ride to get to the stake center 15 minutes away! It was so good to see them there and see their dedication! I can’t wait for their baptism!! They are so ready for it! We have a few other families who are considering baptism, so I will let you know how that goes!
I won’t have a chance to see meet the Mormons but it sounds cool!
This week there was a lizard in my apartment so I caught it and used the trick to put it to sleep and that killed it and now my companion thinks I’m a crazy lizard killer. So there’s that.
Talk to you next week!

Elder Harsh

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