Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 7

Holy crap this week has been crazy! Last Tuesday we left the CCM and all of the friends we had made and drove out to the mission office. There we met our companions and aye mi madre, MY COMPANION DOESN´T SPEAK ENGLISH!!! He speaks about as much English as I do Spanish, So I have to walk by faith a lot and basically copy everything he does. He is a really nice guy but that language barrier is a doozy! Something he does a lot- is try and ask me a question, but only asks half of it and then expects me to answer.  For example- he will say "before we leave..." and then look at me like I´m supposed to say something!  Haha it’s tough but hopefully this will help me learn Spanish!
We have a pretty nice house, but we don’t have power very often. We do have a gnarly generator thingy though! its two car batteries chained to our porch! It keeps one light on and runs the fans so what more do you need! 
Oh, I didn´t want to tell you, but I got strep in the CCM and that sucked! But I got a Priesthood blessing and it went away in 3 days so it ended up being a testimony builder to get strep! Imagine that! Haha It’s crazy here! I don´t have much time, but it’s really poor. We have one of the nicest places in the area and it’s a small apartment above a sketchy store. We have a pretty nice house and we clean it every p day so don’t worry! Yes I eat and its chicken, potatoes, rice, beans, and a bunch of stuff that I don’t know what it is and I can’t ask because my comp doesn´t speak English! Haha. Our next door neighbors live in tin shacks. Our area is about half paved roads and half dirt roads. The more wealthy people live in concrete houses, and the poorer people live in tin or wood shacks, and again, about half live in concrete houses and half live in shacks.
The people are really nice and always invite us in to hear what we have to say. Because we can’t communicate well I´m not sure if we opened the area or just both got here but me and my comp had to start at square 1, but we already have a family with a baptism date! We have two others that are close, and a bunch of others who are interested that we need to teach more! Even though it’s hotter than Satan´s armpit, I absolutely love it here!
Yes please send my baseball glove! After this, we are going to play baseball with some kids and I´m  pumped! Also send clear packing tape, because it rains a lot and I need to laminate my planner.  Also scissors, smarties, smarties, and hmm I think that’s it. Oh and smarties. Hold off sending the package for a week so I can see if I forgot anything!

Elder Harsh

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