Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 1

Hi All-
Here is Blake's first email!  He sounds great!
Thank you for your support!

Sorry if i make typos, they don't give us much time to email! Things are going very good for me and its kinda weird/nice to have a routine in my life for once! I am eating great! They have huge portions here at the MTC! Lunch and dinner are always the same, white rice with a bean soup to pour on it, some kind of brown rice with beans in it, chicken and a mystery meat. The meat is good, but very different from the meat we eat back home! Also the food has not completely destroyed me if you know what I mean, which is kinda surprising! My Companion is way chill! He is from this small town in Cali and is definitely not afraid to be himself! We get along great! We share a room with another set of elders and we are all way tight! there is one elder, elder Parker, who me and him have gotten so tight! he lives and Spanish fork and knows a bunch of my friends down there! also he is 6'9 so its kinda funny to be around him haha. Sundays are very nice because you take a break from learning about the language, and its all about the gospel. A regular day goes: breakfast, personal study, companionship study, language until lunch, after lunch you do more language until 345 then its gym! after gym its dinner and then you teach a fake investigator in spanish and its really difficult! The language is tough, and I frequently feel behind because i haven't had any prior schooling in spanish, while everyone else in my district has had 3-6 years of it! so that can be frustrating and the teachers hardly ever speak english so it can be tough to understand things. but its a lot of fun and i have come a long way!

 Then we do companionship planning, group prayer, and then off to bed! all the teachers speak only spanish and its really confusing! ok i have a question, do you wash whites in hot or cold? what about darks? i did them both and cold and the world didn't end so that good! Its great here and at first the days were so long, but now they speed by! it seems like yesterday I was just getting here! I love you lots and hope you are doing well!
Elder Harsh

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