Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 5

Its T-5 days until game time and as much as I love it here, I can't WAIT to get out! Its like Prison except you feel the spirit all the time, take showers alone, and absolutely love it. So really its nothing like prison. Last week we went on splits for half a day with Elders from the east mission to get a taste of our future and its gonna be tight!! Besides not understanding anybody I was killing it out there! All I could do was pray and bear testimony, but it was a blast and I cant wait for tomorrow to go on splits again, and then next week when its game time!
 Also I think P-day is different out in the field so it might be a while before you hear from me again. No mom that doesn't mean I died. But today the absolutely unspeakable happened!!! President Freestone told me I needed a hair cut.... Mommy I have never missed your salon more than about an hour ago when this strange man was cutting my hair with strange clippers. I hated everything about it. One of the elders asked me if I was doing alright because I guess my face looked terrified. Its gonna be a long two years without your salon mommy. 
Anyways the other night we were chilling in our room and there was an earthquake! It was small but our building is made out of concrete so it was shaking a lot and it was so much fun! 
Also while we were scavenging through this storage closet we found a tag that said "Hermana Walker". We have an Elder Walker and so we did what any missionary in training would do and stole all of his tags and left the Hermana one on his desk! We made him wear it for 3 days until President noticed.
 Also this week I had the first time where I instinctively spoke Spanish without thinking about it! It was kind of a big deal. I dropped my fork in the garbage can, and so I had to reach all the way down to the bottom. One of the workers was sitting there laughing at me, and when I came up I held up my tie and showed him my shirt and asked him if I was clean.....In Spanish! This week has been fun buts its going to be hard to say goodbye to some of the friends I've made here! We are all kinda sad that we have to say goodbye to each
other but we are all ready to get into the field. Next week I will be a full time representative of our Savior! Its gonna be tight!!
Elder Harsh

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