Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 4

This week was pretty good! We said goodbye to the older set of missionaries that were here which means we only have two more weeks until game time! It was weird because we only had 15 people in the CCM, and it felt really empty! A big batch of newbies came in last night and its kinda sad because I know exactly how they are feeling and it sucks! I always tell them it gets better! With the old batch of missionaries there were about 44 of us, then we dropped down to 15 for two days, and now we are super full with around 50 missionaries!
 Funny thing, one of the new sisters bumped into Mitch Plant at the airport while he was heading to Mexico, and he told her to find me!
 We don't meet with the president, but we write him a letter once a week that I'm almost positive he doesn't read, and I shake his hand every night so that he will give me chocolate! My hair is getting longer, but its still within mission guidelines and I'm not about to let a strange person touch my hair until its absolutely necessary.
 Besides Smarties, Chulula, and a nice warm hug from someone of the opposite gender, I don't need anything! We go to the tienda every other week and so I buy oreos and gatorade to get me through the week! What more do you need? But I talked to my Mission President the other day and he said that he would be fine if we brought baseball gloves out on our mission, so if I cant find one here you might have to send me mine!! 
This week we were supposed to go contacting at the university again but there was a huge strike going on! There were people in those Nacho Libre masks yelling and lighting stuff on fire and everything! It was pretty cool, but we had to stay away. Not that it was dangerous or anything, there's absolutely no reason why you should be worried! I'm safe! Its probably more because the spirit cant dwell in a state of contention, and if "ye have not the spirit, ye shall not teach". It wasn't dangerous don't worry! But tomorrow we go out on splits with REAL elders to go and teach REAL people, so I'm super excited for that!
 I'm kinda sick of the CCM, but we think of new ways to keep our spirits high. For example, yesterday this kid is always bragging about how he has so many ties, so we stole all of them and distributed them to every single elder in the CCM. Everyone. So he comes down to breakfast and slowly realized that we are all wearing his ties! haha As for pictures, yeah...I've taken some...I need a card reader or something to put them on the computer so I can send you some! Let me know when you want me to mail home the card!
Elder Harsh

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