Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 3

This week has been awesome!!! Time is starting to all mush together and its weird because the days are really long but the weeks are really short. Does that even make sense? Anyways I've learned a lot about prayer these past few weeks and how willing God is to answer them and help us out. He isn't only willing, he wants to help us, and all we need to do is ask. I have had multiple occasions where my prayer was very clearly answered over night and its really cool to see how prevalent the hand of God is in my life. It was always there, I just don't think I noticed it as much as I do now. As for the rain, yeah, it rains a lot! It has rained more these past few weeks than the president has ever seen! We don't usually leave the CCM/temple grounds, so I didn't see any flooding but with how much it rained, I am sure there was tons. We played some hard core volleyball in the rain. The CCM is a building right next to the temple that doubles as a cheap hotel for people who travel across the island to visit the temple. The temple is right next to the CCM, and so we go on night time walks around the temple a lot and it is really cool! I've become a champion at ironing, because I always forget about my shirts in the dryer and they come out really wrinkly. One of the guys in our room accidently left the iron on his shirt and burnt it and we have given him a lot of crap for that -haha. This week we walked down to the University to talk with people. REAL PEOPLE. My companion knows a LOT more Spanish than I do, but he is kinda socially awkward and so he freezes up in social situations and so I had to do all the talking in my awful broken Spanish. On the bright side we gave away 2 Book of Mormons and 6 restoration pamphlets!! Well technically just 5 pamphlets because this one guy as we were talking with him he says he doesn't believe in God or Jesus Christ, so being the extraordinary missionary I am,  I told him to read the pamphlet and ran away! In other news, THEY HAVE BLUE GATORADE HERE!!!! Best day ever!! They have the big bottles for less than a dollar, so I stalked up. The food is good, but its always the same and it is causing certain problems we don't need to mention. So depending on your definition of sick, I have not been sick yet! but on Saturday we get cookies and Sunday dinner is pizza because  they love us. In the city here the power doesn't go out for long periods of time, but it goes out for 30 seconds -5 mins at a time at least once a day, and lots more if its raining! The temple is awesome. It is SO much better as a missionary! The Endowment and everything is in English, and is incredible, but the initiatorys are in Spanish and so I just sit there really confused while they did their thing. Breakfast is this weird toast with the most delicious jam you've ever tasted, with cereal that is soggy before you put it in milk, and occasionally brownies. Yes, brownies for breakfast. Sorry Mom! They used to give us eggs, but they weren't very good and one elder got a bacterial infection in his stomach from them so we haven't had eggs since! I love it here but am ready to get out into the field! Halfway done with the CCM!!
Love you!
Elder Harsh 

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